Working With Me

I especially like to work with… 

  • Midlife Women
  • Mums
  • Musicians
  • Medical Imaging Professionals

…as I am all of the above! If you’re ready to gain some really powerful positive transformational change in your life, I recommend combining Alexander Technique with Classical Feng Shui.

We can work 1:1 online or in person, depending on where you live. Sessions and prices are listed below.

NB : To confirm a booking, I require payment in advance via BACS transfer. Prices exclude travel costs and parking if we’re working in person.

Alexander Technique *

  • £299 for 3 separate hour long lessons
  • £479 for 5 separate hour long lessons
  • £959 for 10 separate hour long lessons (must be taken within a year of beginning)

* 35% discount on 1:1 lessons taken from my private garden studio at my home in Woking.

I also offer talks and group workshops too. Contact me if you’d like to discuss.

Classical Feng Shui

  • A fully detailed assessment and survey of where you live, plus report, starts from £999.
    The geographical location, orientation of the building, entrances, external features of the landscape and land form and the interior energy flow are all considered and taken into account. Additionally I will align your personal energy elementally with your home to maximise the support you get from it. This is beneficial for health and wellbeing, wealth, relationships and career.
  • Annual tune up £333 via Zoom
  • Follow Up / Review £222 via Zoom


  • First Draft £455.
    Includes a hand drafted BaZi, your own copy and a full hour long debrief on Zoom, in which we cover any questions you may have regarding relationships, career, luck pillars etc.
  • Annual or follow up review £222 via Zoom