I have known Angela for several years now, but in her AT capacity whereby she helped me immensely with a back issue. I have been following her journey into new things and love to read her blogs. One particular day I was drawn to a blog about Feng Shui and it really pulled me in. I was compelled to message Angela to find out more about this newer string to her bow, as life has been rather tough for the past 18 months. As a family we have had an avalanche of tragedy, one thing after another, and it was leaving us all feeling a bit wrung out and helpless. Making contact with Angela to explore this new idea felt like a huge positive step in helping “us” and I am curious about new things.

Angela takes you on the journey with her, is a complete professional and fills you with confidence all the way. I have been absolutely blown away by the results of making several of the recommended changes. It feels as though there is a new, more vibrant energy in our home and the consistent bad luck has done a 180 degree about turn. Already we have had a few pieces of good news! It was money well spent and I am so grateful I trusted my instinct, had an open mind and have been able to implement some of the changes. Angela has loved receiving the feedback, seeing how we have made change and genuinely feels excited that it has been a positive experience.

Angela embarks on the Feng Shui journey with you and clearly loves what she does. Her knowledge is vast, her ability to read a situation is strong and this makes the process all the more personal and special.
I would highly recommend this service, if it’s something you have been wanting to explore, don’t hesitate! It truly is amazing. Thank you, Angela, for all your help.

Lisa Craig


I first discovered Angela through her work with the Alexander Technique, her gentle encouragement and education has quite literally changed the way I move through the world. I had various repetitive strain injuries and was concerned that I may not be able to continue with my career. Angela made me realise I was literally ‘leaning’ too hard into my work. By realigning my posture and becoming conscious of when I had my chin thrust forward in my ‘get it done’ mode I have learned to work with greater ease. Angela’s voice whispers in my ears reminding me ‘to leave my shoulders alone’ as I unpin them from my ears where they seem to wander in times of stress, and taking time out for a little ‘semi supine’ is the antidote to most of my ills. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.

As a bodyworker with a clinic in my home it is important to keep my space ‘clean’ both energetically as well as physically. I want my clients to feel welcome and safe the moment they walk through my gate and equally I want my home to feel calm and clear after a day of work. Angela has helped with this by suggesting small changes which have been easy to achieve and which have made all the difference. By simply hanging a mirror next to my desk I can now see if someone is coming to the door rather than feeling vulnerable with my back to the entrance, placing plants and candles in specific places brings dead spaces to life and stops them feeling ‘sticky’ after a day’s work. We all recognise when a space feels comfortable and 100% of my clients breath into relaxation the moment they arrive on my doorstep. Angela has worked with me to find the solutions that I can both afford and, as importantly, that I like. Whether you are looking to enhance your home or your work space I recommend Angela to help you discover the perfect solution.’

Hilary Lewin

Massage Therapist

My introduction to Alexander Technique was in a small group class with Angela in 2013. We wanted to learn how to listen to our bodies and make long term changes for the better in our lives. I learnt so much on that course and have continued to check in with Angela every couple of years to remind myself to listen to my body.

Her one-to-one sessions are very powerful and go beyond a purely physical experience. I felt I was able to shift emotional barriers that had been present for most of my adult life.

Throughout my relationship with Angela, I have seen her develop tools to facilitate new ways to help clients. I was lucky to be able to experience a full Feng Shui Bazi consultation in 2019. I wanted to move home and things felt blocked, so I asked Angela for help.

Just as in her Alexander Technique, she applies her wonderful listening skills and thoroughness to a complete assessment of your needs. She came back to me within a few days with a full chart and practical ways to move the energy in my home.

I put my home on the market and it sold in one day to the first viewer. As I write this, the only objects that remain in my house as I pack up are the strategically placed small Chinese symbols.

I will definitely ask Angela to work with me in my next home, and I’m thankful right now for my Alexander training, to make sure I don’t hurt myself moving boxes!

Mary Branson MRSS

Artist & Speaker

Angela is really gentle and effective. She has an intuitive understanding of where your body is at on the day, and works with you from that point. I found the session completely changed both my posture and mindset for the better.

Kirsty Swift

Opera Singer

I very much enjoy my sessions with Angela. They give me the opportunity and permission to focus on the moment (free from the lengthy “to-do” lists in my head), and enable me to find physical balance and ease of movement. Every lesson gives me something new to think about in my daily life, whether professionally in my performing and teaching, or simply when going for a run or standing at the sink doing the washing up. It’s a constant learning process, but one which has been, and continues to be, of huge benefit to me as a singer and teacher, and in maintaining my personal and physical wellbeing for the years to come.
Jennifer Snapes

Soprano Singer

My sessions learning the Alexander Technique with Angela have had a profound impact. When we started I was having lower back pain and, most importantly, issues with RSI not just in my wrist but all the way up my arm to my shoulder which was effecting my performance at work. I am lucky enough to have a job that I love and the thought that I may have to stop doing it was causing allot of worry and stress.

After our first session together a lot of that worry was dispelled. I think this was in part from hearing Angela’s own story, of how she found, and eventually became a practitioner, of Alexander Technique which was oddly similar to my own experience of RSI in the shoulder affecting my work.

Ever since we began I have been acutely aware of my posture when both standing, sitting and lying down. As our sessions continued that awareness solidified and became something of an obsession.

A year on I rarely suffer from RSI or back pain and when I do I have the tools to help myself.

To say semi -supine saved my life could be an exaggeration sure, but it’s not far from the truth! I try to do it a few times a week and it’s my first stop whenever discomfort creeps back.

I am very glad that I already had some experience with Tai chi and Yoga as I think this helped me get to grips with Alexander Technique’s more basic but fundamental elements. Breathing, relaxing and focusing on/isolating and sending messages to muscles and joints.

I remember Angela talking to me as we mapped the body. She would tell me to focus on my hips and try to relax them. Let the joint come loose. I remember how good it felt doing it and feeling the benefit. It was so empowering to learn that I can send messages directly to joints to help relax them.

This was what I had needed. The tools to make myself better. Thanks Angela.

Kevin Watt

Tools Technician, Media Molecule - the work involves developing tools for video games using gesture-based input devices (PlayStation 4 controllers)

Alexander Technique lessons with Angela have proved to be something special. It is difficult to quantify the benefits I have felt, but they include a heightened awareness of how my body functions, with massive improvements in use and release from deeply ingrained habits. I always leave our sessions with a feeling of calm elation and improved energy and this sense endures. Angela is a great communicator, both with the words she uses and with her touch – she seems to speak directly to your muscles and bones, encouraging them to relax and release into where nature intended.
Eileen Pinkarchevski

Singing Teacher/Music Theatre and Opera Director