CPD Course Comments

The Course has been very useful to me.  It made me aware of things that I normally do without thinking.  I have benefited a lot.  I never used to bother if the chair was too high, I would sit with my legs dangling but now I know to plug my feet into the floor.  No more gripping.  I can’t believe how much force I would use when handling things as well as the probe

Sonographer, Surrey

It would be good if AT could be included in the syllabus for student sonographers (who will have many scanning years ahead) so that they learn good scanning habits right at the beginning. Thank you for teaching me lifelong habits now for the future.

Sonographer, Surrey

Very good course, helped me to become more conscious of how I move, stand, sit and scan.  I have become more aware of my body.  One of the most important things I have realised is grip.  You do not need to hold probes, car steering wheels etc tightly in order to get the job done.  You can have just as much control with a light hold.

Sonographer, Surrey

Very enjoyable day.  Of value and focused to direct need. Informative day.

Clinical Head of Ultrasound, Lancashire

Extremely useful.  Eye opener especially on posture / neck.

Trainee Sonographer, Lancashire