Art of Breathing

A Breath of Fresh Air!

Art of Breathing teaches specific principles and procedures that address breathing habits, and common forms of respiratory misuse.

I am delighted to have completed my 60 hour Post Grad certificate of learning with Jessica Wolf in June 2018. Jessica is an Associate Professor of Acting at Yale School of Drama, and an internationally highly-esteemed Alexander Technique Teacher. I am now able to teach Jessica’s Art of Breathing as an additional, beneficial and complementary method of restoring breathing coordination alongside Alexander’s Technique.

The work offers simple ways to restore breathing coordination.

Art of Breathing also enables students to find breath support in the body for daily activities such as speaking, singing, walking, running, dancing, playing sports, or playing instruments.

Art of Breathing can address vocal problems, enable management of mood disorders and improve ability to express emotion, when we learn and understand how to use the breath as a supportive fuel

Read my Art of Breathing Blog Post – I was inspired to write this on completion of my training.