Angela Bradshaw - Alexander Technique, Feng Shui and Bazi

Alexander Technique

“Mine is a method for the control of human reaction”


  • Are you being ‘you’?
  • Are you able to present yourself authentically to the world?
  • Do you feel as if you’re blocked in some way that maybe you can’t explain?  Or is pain, tension, anxiety, RSI and other obstacles blocking your personal health, wellbeing and fulfilment?

  • Do people misunderstand you?

For me, Alexander Technique is a deeply spiritual, soulful, practice. At times weird, but always wonderful. A force of nature no question, and very powerful on many levels.

Through learning about our nature, you find a doorway to yourself.

Alexander’s Technique teaches us how to be our true, natural selves. We can then fully express our personal human nature, freely, easily and comfortably, with our body’s language fully congruent with our wishes.

We’re all uniquely individual.  All of us have an inherent essence when we’re born – who we are at our core.  I love how AT brings us back to the authentic self, reflected in our posture, our movement and patterns of communication.

I trained with Ron Colyer at The Alexander Re-Education Centre and have been teaching Alexander Technique since 2010. I have worked with a diverse range of people – from radiographers, sonographers and mammographers in the NHS across the UK and Ireland, to gamers working for a highly successful company, to members of the Houses of Parliament and music students at Wellington College.  I am a fully qualified member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and abide by their professional code of ethics.

Maybe Alexander Technique is for you. Watch my TEDx talk below for a 10 minute introduction to the work and get in touch for a chat about how we can might together.