Alexander for Medical Imaging Professionals

Sonographers, Mammographers, Radiographers & Other Medical Imaging Staff
  • Have you experienced some pain as a result of your work?
  • Perhaps you, or your colleagues, may even have had to take time off sick with RSI?
  • Maybe, you know someone who has had to resign with a career-ending injury?

I was one of those colleagues.

Pain does not need to be an inevitable by-product of your chosen profession.

How do I know this? From very personal experience. I suffered for years with Chronic RSI as a sonographer, which led to me ultimately resigning the profession that I loved. I then discovered the Alexander Technique, retrained as a teacher and learnt that it was how I was performing my duties that led to my injury. My personal postural and movement habits were not natural, and I learnt that in fact my shoulder was not weak, but I was incorrectly using my shoulders, arms and neck. In fact, I was abusing my whole body without realising it. The shoulder and neck pain was my body’s way of trying to tell me that it could no longer support my habitual choice of movement, and that I needed to change these patterns. At the time, I didn’t understand the messages my body was communicating. Now I understand! And I am now delighted to teach my medical colleagues how to effectively Self Care in clinical practice so that they can continue with their careers and enjoy their work again. And best of all, knowing what to do to help themselves prevent injury and recover from those already sustained.

Please let me help you!  I am passionate about teaching Alexander’s Technique to Medical Imaging professionals. I can show you the simple practical ways to enable you to perform your Medical Imaging Clinical duties with ease.

Think of me as your go to Body Application Specialist – your department needs you!

You need to be in tip top form. My Self Care Skills Study Day, based on the principles of the Alexander Technique will enable you to:

  • Put yourself first, easily and readily, even on the busiest of days when you are short-staffed and overstretched.
  • Get back in charge of YOU. Think of it as your personal wellness protocol, allowing you to manage yourself well, being your personal best and making that part of best clinical practice 24/7.
  • Be your own Quality Assurance programme, health care for the health care workers. You taking good care of you so that you can take good care of your patients, staff and colleagues.
  • Utilise fully the benefits of your excellent professional medical training. Medical Imaging Departments invest a lot of time and money training radiographers, sonographers, mammographers. You of course will also be training up midwives, obstetricians, junior doctors, medical students.


  1. Will be of benefit to you ALL.
  2. Is a PREVENTION asset to those who don’t have injury (yet).
  3. Will have a THERAPEUTIC effect on those currently suffering with a musculo-skeletal disorder.


AT workshops specifically tailored to your clinical practice start from £1200 and are offered throughout the UK.

Please get in touch for further details.