Alexander in Education

A Life Skill for Staff and Pupils

The Alexander Technique is a powerful educational tool for school pupils which has wide-ranging benefits for their well-being that go way beyond the classroom.

I have experienced this first hand in my extensive work in schools and colleges.

I taught Alexander Technique at Wellington College 2 days a week in term time for 5 years, until summer 2021. My pupils were aged 13-18 years and were mainly, but not exclusively, Music Scholars.

I am so pleased that Wellington are involved in the Alexander In Education Movement, joining a number of other forward thinking institutions who honour the health and wellbeing of their pupils so highly. Head over to Wellington College’s own page where you can see some pictures of me in action teaching Alexander Technique to some of the pupils. Do read the pupil quotes too, they write of their direct experiences of learning Alexander’s Technique at Wellington with me.

Below is one of my favourite quotes, from a 13 year old boy who at this point had had only 3 half hour lessons…

In 2019 I was invited to set up a brand new Alexander Technique programme at Charterhouse School to coincide with the opening of their Wellbeing Centre.  Whilst the pandemic has slowed progress, it’s been an honour starting the process.

I also spent an academic year teaching the gifted and talented young musicians at Yehudi Menuhin School 2018/19 when their longterm AT teacher had to stop unexpectedly.

Comment from 13 Year Old Pupil at Wellington College

Alexander Technique has, simply, helped with absolutely everything, and I think the teaching of it should be much more widely spread. It gives many physical benefits:

Relief from aches and pains

In addition, it also gives many mental benefits, such as:

Less anxiety
Less stress
More creativity
A more relaxed and open mindset.

I urge anyone of any age of any occupation or background to try it.

Wellington School Pupil