Angela Bradshaw

Alexander Technique ~ Art of Breathing ~ Classical Feng Shui

My background

I was definitely shaped by my experiences growing up in Bahrain and Dubai. I then found it hard to settle back into my ‘homeland’ of the UK; life in Cheshire was very different to that I’d experienced in the Middle East.

I love getting to the root of issues – perhaps I could describe myself as having X-ray vision as a result of my first chosen career in diagnostic Radiography!  I specialised in Obstetric Medical Ultrasound, which was absolutely fascinating. However, I developed a debilitating shoulder injury in clinical practice leading me to resign from my medical imaging career.  Whilst this was devastating at the time, through healing my injury with Alexander’s Technique, I decided to retrain as an AT teacher, which has been an amazing journey of self discovery.

Since qualifying in 2010 I have taught Alexander Technique to high-performing professionals, creatives and business people to keep them living the life they’ve chosen and love, and perform at their best in a way that is conscious and grounded. It’s been an honour too to have taught teenage pupils at Wellington College, Yehudi Menuhin School and set up a brand new AT programme at Charterhouse School.  I’m well placed to work with a whole range of people, including musicians, music scholars and other creatives, teenagers, parents, business people, empty nesters, women of a ‘certain age’, to feel comfortable in their own skin.

I’m a wife and mother – we have two grown up daughters, so I have personal experience of parenting, familiar with the ups and downs of life and the challenges we all have.

I love houses and, having moved around alot as a child, I got a wide and varied experience of living in different environments, in different countries.  This made for rich learnings – about other cultures, about being expatriates in different countries, how cultures can clash inadvertently, how we can feel settled ( or not) in a place…  As a young adult I also lived in a number of very different places in the UK too, this helped me understand how I react to an environment and place. I didn’t always feel comfortable – yet always wanted to improve a place.  My husband Keith and I have lived in four properties since we married almost 25 years ago, and they have all been very different experiences too, not always pleasant but deeply informative as
to how energies work and how the history of a house, when it’s built and what’s happened to its occupants and where it’s situated continues to influence the current occupants.

I have always been interested in Feng Shui and over the years have consulted different practitioners to help overcome issues we were facing.  I then spent three years studying Feng Shui and BaZi more intensively with Richard Ashworth, which has given me a helpful structure to work with.  Previously I had followed my own intuition, and saw it as a hobby that I enjoyed for my personal self.  Now I realise it’s a calling, I am a healer. 

My work with Alexander’s Technique can help an individual feel ‘at home’ with themselves, I also find it deeply spiritual and love that my own journey with it has led me to an inbuilt passion – doing what I’ve always loved, working with buildings and homes, bringing them back to a harmonious balanced state. It’s their right to be so, and it’s a gift that I can share with others.

My own experience can help other people with difficulties that are seemingly ‘impossible’ to overcome.  Working with the energies of the year, the building, the occupants can transform a situation surprisingly quickly.

This  might seem a bit ‘woowoo’ – but in my humble opinion, these arts wouldn’t have been around for so long if they didn’t work, and be in use by people and businesses all over the world to bring about success. 

I will work with you using a combination of these methods to bring about positive change in relation to your:

  • Self
  • Home
  • Business
  • Family Matters

We can first speak on the phone to online to find out if we’re a ‘fit’ for each other – I’m happy to offer a 15 minute complementary call to ascertain if we can work together.