Angela Bradshaw

Teacher of the Alexander Technique

I teach Alexander Technique to gamers, creatives and high-performing professionals to keep them living the life they’ve chosen and love, and perform at their best in a way that is conscious and grounded.

Using my signature Self Care Skills teaching method, based on the principles of the Alexander Technique, I have my own personal way of presenting practical tools for self-development that can be tailored to your individual requirements.

In just one session, learn how you can help yourself to be free of unwanted pain, tension, anxiety, RSI and other obstacles currently blocking your personal health, wellbeing and fulfilment. You can let go of ingrained habits, become more creative, and open your door to learning how to care for your whole self, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  And get better at getting better.

My first Alexander Technique session was an epiphany! Not only was I pain free in 45mins for the first time in years, I had also opened a door to myself. I was very happy working as a medical imaging sonographer, helping people in the pressured hospital environment. I absolutely loved it. Then I developed a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder that was not going away. The ongoing pain was so dire I had to resign. I was really frustrated that I was going to have to throw away the three years I spent getting my diagnostic radiography degree, the further two years postgraduate specialising as a medical imaging sonographer, and the countless hours I had worked with patients, often in fragile medical condition because my shoulder let me down.

I thought I had tried everything to heal my injury – cranial osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage – all of which gave me a little short-term relief, eg 10 or 15 minutes’ or so free from pain. I was Ms Cynical, I couldn’t remember when I had not been in pain, so that first Alexander Technique Session was bewildering, even a bit shocking.

I hadn’t really understood it was a much bigger problem. I thought it was my shoulder, but it was my head, neck and back; it was my whole body. What I loved about it was that it was natural, and a skill I could learn. Alexander Technique shows you how to change the way you move and hold yourself to help you end the cycle of pain.  I went from hopeless to “Hey, I can do this myself.”

The physical relief was, and is, wonderful, but that is just the surface. When you have solved the physical issue, you become aware of the deeper resonance. In my case, I had “shouldered too many burdens” and I have grown to make and hold boundaries better.

When I began my training with Ron Colyer at the Alexander Re-Education Centre in Hurley, Berkshire, about the third lesson in, I realised that for me this is really a deeply spiritual journey. Not everyone finds this, as I say we’re all individual! My sensory awareness just went through the roof, I remember I went into a supermarket one afternoon and suddenly got this claxon horn sound in my head. I looked around and there in the aisle was this man who had just had his arm amputated. It was him, his energy, I could sense; this was his first visit out to a supermarket and he was terrified of anyone bumping into him!

Alexander Technique increases awareness because it allows you to naturally stop, listen, and breathe in the moment. You start behaving naturally, fully yourself and the world responds.